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The Ultimate Referral Marketing + Loyalty Platform for Boutique Fitness

Here's the thing: you've got a business to run and no time to waste. We get it. There are already softwares out there that help you manage your studio—but none of them have the functionality to let your current members drive new members into the studio. People are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend. (Nielsen) So why wouldn't you be taking advantage of the power of referral marketing? It's time to grow your studio. fitDEGREE can help.

Meet Dan

Dan is the life of our party. (And running a software company is exactly like a party.) He's an intuitive guy who only wants to see our fitFam grow. You can count on Dan for some good conversation and personalized support. 

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Meet Nick

Nick is our team Dad and our biggest brand advocate. More importantly, he's YOUR biggest advocate. Finding solutions lights him up and he wants fitDEGREE to help your business reach new heights.